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Jul 12, 2018 Paul Richardson

Sticky Wicket 2018

It's hot, it's sunny and it's summer, must be time for Sticky Wicket 2018. We were off to Regent's Park for Sticky Wicket 2018, the event industry cricket competition in partnership with the Lord's Taverners. The after competition party was held at Lord's Cricket Ground and we were all treated to a huge screen on which we could watch the England World Cup Game.

This year it was a glorious day with The Hub at Regent's Park being packed with event people from around the industry. As we have no cricketers on the team here at Vividink, we focused on enjoying the sunshine and catching up with friends and clients. Because of the connection with the Lord's Taverners there were a few familiar faces from stage and screen floating around in the crowd.

We wandered across town to Lord's for the evening's entertainment in the company of the team from Olympia London. When we arrived we settled in for an evening of World Cup madness, we were not disappointed, well done the events industry it was a night to remember. Thanks to the organising team who pull this together each year. We will dee you all in 2019.



Published by Paul Richardson July 12, 2018