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Jun 20, 2023 Romina Restaino

Romina completes BCS Digital Marketing qualification

Romina has completed her digital marketing apprentice, securing the role of account executive after 13 months at Vividink.

Graduating with a first-class honours degree from Sheffield Hallam University, Romina decided to narrow down the focus of her area of study to pursue marketing, which led her to an apprenticeship. 

Joining Vividink in March 2022, Romina quickly became an integral member of the team and picked up the role with ease. Delving deeper into the marketing theory on her course, supplemented by the practical experience at Vividink, and applying the skills she learned during her degree has helped her become a proficient marketer.

Romina explained, “I’m so pleased that I’ve passed my digital marketing apprenticeship and so grateful to Vividink. My role has allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge from my degree in a professional environment while building connections with key industry professionals and acquiring hands-on experience in a career that is often quite challenging to pursue”. 

Managing director, Paul Richardson, stated, “Romina is a natural marketer, she adapted to her new career direction with ease and brought the skills developed in passing her English degree to bear on the role. She has risen to every challenge put in front of her and, as her confidence has grown, she has become an essential member of the team”.

Published by Romina Restaino June 20, 2023