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May 26, 2022 David Rüder

An interview with Romina Restaino

What's your background before vividink?

Before Vividink, I was a student at Sheffield Hallam University, studying English Language. In 2021, I qualified with a 1st class honours degree,  I have previously worked in several different industries, including hospitality and entertainment.

How and when did you arrive at vividink?

When I graduated from university, I started in the teaching profession and soon concluded that it wasn't the career for me. I remembered how much I enjoyed the communication and marketing aspect of my degree, so I decided to learn more about digital marketing and applied for an apprenticeship in January 2022, which brought me here.

What's your role and what do you do to fulfil it?

As a digital marketing apprentice, my role consists of creating messaging campaigns across social media platforms for our clients. While working, I’m also learning about all the different aspects of marketing, such as keyword research to improve a website's organic search engine ranking, and so on. 

What's your favourite activity at work?

My favourite activity at work is creating the drafts of the social media content. With my background studying English, I love being creative with the language to tell a story or deliver a message.

When do you know you're doing it right?

As my role largely focuses on the social media aspect, I know our campaigns have been successful by watching the engagement levels on each social post, and seeing how the campaigns positively affect the follower counts on the different platforms. I also know when I have been successful when clients leave lovely comments about the work I have done for them. 

What does a typical Vividink customer journey look like?

The typical Vividink customer journey begins with an onboarding session, where future clients meet the people that will take the lead on their socials and PR. From this meeting, it's important to discuss any goals and/or objectives, as this will help us get to know you better, helping us with future campaigns and press releases. Our communication doesn’t stop there; we will make sure we work with you to find out everything new about your company to create great content for your PR and socials.

Why do clients keep coming back to Vividink?

I believe clients keep coming back to Vividink because we are a very approachable team that are professional, friendly and always strive to do the best for our clients! We are great at building and harnessing long-lasting relationships with clients and help them drive results.


Published by David Rüder May 26, 2022