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Sep 02, 2022 Paul Richardson

The All Secure Expo - 2 years on!

It was two years ago today, 2 September 2020, that Vividink and many other event industry companies ventured out to support the Association of Event Organisers (AEO), The Association of Event Venues (AEV), and the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), in a demonstration of how events hoped to run in a Covid19 safe manner at the Business Design Centre (BDC), Islington, London.

As a member of ESSA we felt it important to help in whatever way we were able when supporting the core exhibition industry associations in raising the plight of the three legs upon which the industry stands. It was hoped that the demonstration would convince the minister and colleagues attending that within the controlled environment of an exhibition hall it was possible to run an exhibition and trade show under the recognised All Secure Standard. 

Scarlet and Paul headed to London on almost empty trains, arriving at an eerily quiet St Pancras Station early on the morning of the demonstration show. The tube trains were empty, and the journey to the BDC was quick and easy. Arriving at the venue, they went through the same registration and checking process that all exhibitors and attendees passed through that day.

Scarlet and Paul set up their pop-up display in the hall alongside many other suppliers to the industry. During the day many familiar faces came to see the event, the Covid19 secure entry requirements, and to see for themselves what an exhibition run under the All Secure Standard would be like.

This was only one part of the significant support Vividink lent to the three associations during the lockdown. We provided a writing service and news outlet to key industry titles and beyond.

It was gratifying to see so many companies commit to exhibiting at the show and demonstrate a workable solution to the restrictions at the time. Little did we all know that a further complete lockdown was just around the corner.

Published by Paul Richardson September 2, 2022