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Nov 07, 2022 Bethany Smith

The building blocks for positive media relations

A good relationship with the media is one of the most effective ways a public relations (pr) professional can ensure happy clients. By knowing the press, they can find where a story is most likely to reach its target audience and can be a great way to find other opportunities to extend a brand's reach.

But what makes a strong relationship with the media?


Remember that your brand isn’t the only one on the line. If a journalist chooses to share your story their credibility is also dependent on who you choose to represent you, as they have trusted your pr team as the quality control between their business and yours. Working with the press should be a mutually beneficial relationship which is why there is no easy or quick way to build trust.

Be Consistent 

Being prompt, and delivering a consistent quality of work when promised goes a long way when building a professional relationship and shows that your company value facts, the industry and the time of those you work with.

This also applies to communications - no one looks forward to opening their emails to a pile of news releases and pitches from someone they haven’t heard from in weeks or months, especially if this is a pattern of behaviour.  

Keep it Relevant 

It is important to take the time and care to get to know journalists and understand their interests and goals, as well as their audience. By following their social media and talking to them about their work, your PR team can tailor content to their needs and make their day a little easier. 

Be Authentic 

Sometimes the previously mentioned issues happen despite our best efforts on both sides. We’re all human after all. Like any other kind of relationship, being honest, patient, and appreciative of the other’s time builds a foundation of respect where trust can form.

A successful news story is a team effort between the client, the PR team, and the media. A little goes a long way in building long-lasting and genuine media relations that will help strengthen those efforts and bring coverage that will have a meaningful impact on your target audience.

Published by Bethany Smith November 7, 2022