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May 26, 2022 David Rüder

An interview with Bethany Smith

What's your background before vividink?

I’m from a creative background, and gained my master's degree in game design a few years ago. After my masters, I began freelance illustration, managing my own clients and creating graphics for a huge variety of uses. I mainly focused on concept art but have experimented in lots of creative areas. 

How and when did you arrive at vividink?

I started at Vividink in September 2021 as a ‘Kickstarter’ and when the scheme ended I was offered the position of junior accounts executive. I was initially looking for ways to expand my skill set outside the games industry, to make myself a stronger, more rounded candidate, but after meeting our MD Paul at a job fair and listening to him describe Public Relations, I became intrigued by the discipline and decided to apply.

What's your role and what do you do to fulfil it?

I am a junior accounts executive for the PR team. I started helping with copy checking and admin, but I also now write news releases and other content for our clients. I’m also busy scanning for coverage of our clients’ news storiesI regularly review the reception of content we send out as well as look at other publications and sources to monitor where our clients stand in the public eye.

What's your favourite activity at work?

Learning more about the industries we work with, especially events, there’s a larger crossover between games dev, pr, and events than you’d think - it's remarkable seeing how they influence and differentiate from each other and how, at their core, they are striving for the same things!

When do you know you're doing it right?

Our clients make that very easy! We’re very fortunate in the fact we know they will tell us what they need and if those needs are being met. At each step of the way, our clients give us feedback on releases, blogs, socials, etc. When campaigns have started and news is out there they celebrate their success with us. 

What does a typical Vividink customer journey look like?

A trick question! One of the most interesting things I’ve found while working here is that no two clients' needs are the same. Flexibility has proven to be key to satisfied and delighted clients.

Why do clients keep coming back to Vividink?

I think for the same reasons we love them; honesty and straightforwardness. In the same way they are clear on what they want and feel, we are always open regarding what is within our scope, how possible a goal is, and what would be needed to achieve it. Clients know what to expect when working with us and there’s a comfort in that.



Published by David Rüder May 26, 2022