Slack - cure for tension

After some evaluation of the competing tools, we’ve settled on a new messaging app to replace Skype, whose reliability and functionality seems to have diminished over the years, and whose interface is looking decidedly clunky and dated.

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Head in the clouds

After an evaluation and testing period, we've chosen to move our document and drafting process over to Google Docs and Google Drive. It's quite a departure from 7 years ago when we would draft our copy straight into the project management system, and then post fresh, updated drafts with every tranche of changes and edits. It was quite useful, you could scroll back and see the evolution of every draft, but it was a slightly cumbersome and inflexible way to work.

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HubSpot Partner Day 2018

We spent the last 2 days at the HubSpot Partner Conference in Dublin getting ourselves up to speed with some of the amazing developments being launched. The capability of HubSpot just seems to get better and better as time goes by.

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Sticky Wicket 2018

It's hot, it's sunny and it's summer, must be time for Sticky Wicket 2018. We were off to Regent's Park for Sticky Wicket 2018, the event industry cricket competition in partnership with the Lord's Taverners. The after competition party was held at Lord's Cricket Ground and we were all treated to a huge screen on which we could watch the England World Cup Game.

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Future Focus 5 July 2018

We headed off on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of an unusual UK summer to attend the 2nd day of Confex Future Focus. There were over 70 exhibitors in attendance ranging from universities, hotels, venues, recruitment companies, event companies and catering so a broad spectrum well represented.

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