AEV Conference 2018

We headed off to the AEV Conference where were running the live social output from the event. Having been involved in the launch campaign and the audience acquisition activity beforehand it is always exciting to see a conference come together as delegates begin to arrive in the morning.

The afternoon beforehand we participated in the AEV Marketing & Communications Working Group, always great to hear how venue marketing teams are facing the challenges of a rapidly tech landscape. It sets everyone up for the conference ice-breaker, this year it was held at the O2 which required a quick trip over the river in the cable car. The night before the conference we stayed in The Best Hotel on the waterside and it was amazing to wake up to open water swimmers and kayaks passing by the window.

Arriving at the conference, there was already a buzz about the venue, the audience built up and by the time the door to the conference suite opened there was a large gathering eager to get started. The content was a mixture of mind opening futurology, technical prowess, environmental concerns and industry sharing. We were on hand to share and push out messages and content to those unable to attend and to build up interest for the 2019 conference.

It was a packed day and, thanks to the World Cup, the journey home was on empty roads and trains. Thanks again to the AEV, another great event on which to work.


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