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Vividink offers 10 ‘Save Your Business Kits’ to event industry SMEs

Vividink PR & Social Media is offering its ‘Save Your Business Kit’ to up to 10 event industry businesses. This turnkey package, anchored on the award-winning SharpSpring marketing automation software with its video call enabled CRM, includes 12 weeks of online support & delivery, and two weeks of training & handover.

It is designed to enable businesses to quickly mount a 10 week, multi-channel, inbound marketing campaign with detailed engagement metrics.

The kit is designed to help event industry SMEs stay on their feet and prepare for the post lockdown economic landscape. The kit simplifies much of the complexity that goes into creating an effective inbound marketing campaign, and is wrapped in a comprehensive content creation package -reducing the time and effort needed from the client.

The software installation and configuration will be managed by Vividink’s sister company, Vividfish - an accredited SharpSpring Gold Partner and event industry specialist - whilst Vividink will provide the PR and content creation service - drafting the required premium content, press releases, social media schedules and updates, blogs, web news updates, emails, autoresponders and website landing pages.

Paul Richardson, Vividink MD, outlined why Vividink and Vividfish are offering the kit now, saying, “Every time the industry or even the economy hits a rock like Covid-19, businesses make the mistake of cutting their PR and marketing spend too hard, and their orders dry up as a result. We’ve put together a package that pares PR & marketing back to well-proven inbound principles, so not a penny is wasted, and every result is measurable. We have already been working with Vividfish on lead generation projects for event industry clients, and we’re offering a limited number of these kits so we do not dilute our capacity to create the strong, effective, custom content that each campaign will need to fully excel.”

Kevin Horler, Vividfish MD, explained why they chose the SharpSpring platform, saying, “SharpSpring has distinguished itself over the last 5 years as a streamlined and effective marketing automation solution that has elevated inbound marketing practice. Its combination of tools and integrations makes it supremely flexible, allowing users to track respondents, visitors and clients as they engage with the business, making the most of every window of opportunity to move genuine prospects into the sales funnel. By using SharpSpring as the foundation of the Save Your Business Kit, we are ensuring that the kit will be able to deliver tangible, bottom-line results, well beyond the lifetime of the current crisis.”


If you want to work with a pr company that specialises in the broader events market, one that has a broad skills base and understands live events, conferences and exhibitions, then please get in touch.