Break Free


In 2021 the Covid pandemic is still affecting everything, and there has been a big drop in bookings for international holidays this year. Tourism analysts have predicted that the summer demand for UK holidays is likely to outstrip supply.

We offer three affordable packages to help you capitalise on this short-term trend, and build lasting relationships with your customers to keep them coming back year after year.

Let us set-up, or take over, your social media accounts and use them to create focused, customised campaigns that will generate interest, engagement and enquiries - which you can convert to solid bookings.

We start the programme by asking you some detailed questions about your business and working with you to select your target audiences. Then we research your region and pick out the attractions, services and amenities that appeal to your chosen market. Finally, we devise your campaigns using the information we’ve gathered and post them out, on a carefully constructed schedule, to your social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Find out how this worked for two of our clients, Wolds Glamping in Yorkshire and Paradise Pines in Devon, by downloading our 'Break-Free' pdf


If you want to work with a pr company that specialises in the broader events market, one that has a broad skills base and understands live events, conferences and exhibitions, then please get in touch.