Writing a great news release.

When you write a news release, the object of the exercise is to get it published - whether that's in one specific target title, or across dozens of channels and outlets. A great news release is one that gets published, not one that wins literary awards or demonstrates your mastery of the idiom.

Writing that great news release is easy, all you need to do is:

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What is the point of Inbound Marketing?

In the post GDPR era inbound marketing has never had a clearer purpose. As many event businesses come to grips with the guidance and information pouring forth from the ICO office and the wide variety of advice on offer from so many experts proffering their take on the subject, there is still a need for marketers to generate sales leads for the sales team without being in breach of the GDPR.

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5 timeless PR and marketing strategies.

Marketers are a forward looking lot, and will always have a steady eye on the future to steal a competitive advantage over their peers. Of course, the future offers many marvels; digital communications technology seems to have irrevocably changed marketing practice, offering the kind of detail and insight that would have been inconceivable 30 years ago without very expensive market research exercises.

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