9 pillars of content marketing you need to succeed.

We have all become content marketers to some degree, how much we participate and how successful we are varies dramatically. It forms a key component in many marketing plans and serves to introduce your organisation to its target audience in a progressive and non threatening manner, sharing information and knowledge, and building trust.

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7 Steps to sharper copy

Writing works best when the words flow smoothly off the page (or the screen) and into the mind of the reader. Websites and news portals consume huge amounts of written content, all the time, and given the general quality of writing online, good copy stands out! Readers respond to good writing, and the difference between good and poor writing is

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Writing a great news release.

When you write a news release, the object of the exercise is to get it published - whether that's in one specific target title, or across dozens of channels and outlets. A great news release is one that gets published, not one that wins literary awards or demonstrates your mastery of the idiom.

Writing that great news release is easy, all you need to do is:

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If you want to work with a pr company that specialises in the broader events market, one that has a broad skills base and understands live events, conferences and exhibitions, then please get in touch.