Wellbeing in the workplace

Mental health awareness is on the rise. With an increase in knowledge, high profile interventions and acceptance in society, we are steadily enhancing our skill set and ability to recognise mental wellbeing ourselves and others.

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5 tips on how we manage time

In public relations, time is a precious asset that can easily be consumed to no real benefit for either the client or the agency. Being aware of time, and that this is part of what a client’s retainer is paying for, helps keep you focused on the client’s goal. We have asked around within Vividink to see what the five key things are that we consider essential in managing time for our clients.

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Automagic for the people

Automagic. (/ˌɔːtəˈmædʒɪk/) n. A process carried out automatically in such a clever way that the result appears to be magic.

An early work experience stint in the late 80s - 1987 to be precise - saw me shirking in two departments, IT and media bookings & cuttings. A rant about how cutting and pasting actually meant something in those days is tempting, but I'll hop over that and describe another equally antiquated practice: the job bag.

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