Insert key, turn, start

When a storm hits your business you have to focus on your core responsibilities of keeping the company afloat, looking after your staff and contacting your customers. Under normal circumstances, a lot of these functions occur automatically through the processes and responsibilities you have built up over the months and years. But in a crisis situation, where perhaps most of your staff are furloughed, and the remainder are working remotely or at distance, the normal patterns and pathways are broken.

You can devote precious time and effort to rebuilding these processes, but in some cases, it might be wiser to pick a turnkey solution. IT, Facilities Management, and PR & Marketing are three good sectors to look into for outsourcing packages that can deliver what you need immediately - saving you time, money and effort at a time when all three are going to be in short supply.

Outsourcing has fallen out of fashion and has, perhaps, picked up a reputation for being poor value. But there is much to commend it, especially when you don’t have the in-house expertise you need for a given requirement. Outsourcing with the right agency means you get predictable costs, service level agreements, and access to greater expertise and knowledge.

But outsourcing takes time to set up, even under ideal conditions. During a crisis like this one, where the uncertainty is only matched by the economic damage, the best answer to bringing in outside expertise, is outsourcing. Turnkey services, like outsourcing, might have developed a bad reputation because operators were cloning their packages without any thought to the unique requirements of their customers. Some sectors, like IT, are better suited to this one-size-fits-all approach.

PR & Marketing, on the other hand, is totally different.. Everything has to to be tuned to the client: tone, content, visual language, key messages, audience and media. It might seem impossible to wrap that up into a package that can be ‘cranked out’ to customers, and that is true.

Which is why we have developed the Save Your Business Kit, a package consisting of a CRM platform and a schedule of marketing techniques and campaign plans proven to drive sales and raise your company profile. We know they work, because we use them - and we’ve survived every recession, downturn and industry shock since we were founded in 1997.

The Save Your Business Kit also includes 10 weeks worth of content creation to get you started, from press releases and blog posts to email templates and social media updates, literally thousands of words custom-written for a campaign to get you noticed and attract business into your sales funnel. You can turn this key with confidence, knowing that you will get 12 weeks of online support and full online training in how to turn your company news and social media into new prospects and customers who will seek you out.


If you want to work with a pr company that specialises in the broader events market, one that has a broad skills base and understands live events, conferences and exhibitions, then please get in touch.