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Space & Lifestyle tips for home workers.

Now that everyone who can is working from home, and we are physically distancing ourselves from the outside world, a few words about space and lifestyle tips for all you home workers out there.

Some of you, well used to working at home, will have all your tactics and strategies mostly sorted, but you might find some interesting tips in our guide below. If you're new to working at home, read our guides to find out about some ways that work for us at Vividink,where, thanks to our remote location and habit of dropping in on clients across the UK, we spend a lot of time working remotely.

So whether it's setting up a folding table in the box room, or digging out an old pair of headphones, our guide to managing your space and lifestyle may help you settle down into what could be a quite a long period of homeworking.

Stay hydrated, keep your distance, and good luck. Here's the guide to Space & Lifestyle Management


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