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Time management tips for home working

Unprecedented global events have forced the majority of the population into the uncertain territory of remote working. With most organisations lacking the internal structures to enable employees to continue their jobs outside of the office, this has undoubtedly impacted the functionality of many businesses.

Fortunately, at Vividink we are well accustomed to remote working, and have built systems and practices that enable us to maintain a productive office wherever we are in the world.  By integrating our instant messaging service with our project management system and cloud storage solution we have a system where we can chat and discuss projects, create actionable task lists within those projects, and share project outputs, like drafts and documents, with each other and our clients.

That being said, working remotely, whether it is a concept you are familiar with or never experienced before, is more than just systems and software. It requires having an acute awareness of time management and self- motivation. Over 15 years we have collected helpful tools and tips along the way, and in a time of uncertainty, we feel it’s time to share that knowledge and experience with other businesses, small or large.

CLICK HERE to download our top tip sheet and a sample timetable.


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