An interview with: Simon Perry

What's your background before vividink?

I have been in and around events for over 10 years, exhibitions specifically for the last 7. I worked at ESSA for 6 years as their Sales and Account Manager. Successfully growing the membership subscription as well as the events in terms of revenue and attendance.

How and when did you arrive at vividink?

I arrived at Vivid in November 2020, in the midst of the covid pandemic. I was unfortunately a casualty of the redundancies across the events industry. I knew Paul from my previous role and I was aware of the great work offered by Vivid, so it was a good fit.

What's your role and what do you do to fulfil it?

I am the Business Development Manager for Vivid. The aim is to bring in new business as well as work with the team to develop new products and offerings to sell into other markets. I work closely with Paul on the development of new business and have full support from the rest of the team to help me achieve my goals.

What's your favourite activity at work?

I enjoy conversations with potential clients. Understanding their needs and trying to understand how Vivid can support them moving forward. It's been extremely tough over the last 18 months for everyone in the industry and if we can support companies getting back on their feet, as well as taking them on as clients, it's a win-win.

When do you know you're doing it right?

I always assume I'm doing something wrong! Once a client has come on board and begun working with the team. I am content when they start seeing the benefits I highlighted in the sales process. Paul and I tend to work on a similar approach of no-bullshit - so I am usually fairly confident in the team delivering what I have sold.

What does a typical vividink customer journey look like?

There is no typical journey when it comes to good business development, Every client has individual needs and goals. The beauty of vivid is they have the knowledge and flexibility to be able to offer a service that fits the needs of a diverse client base.


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