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International Womens' Day 2021 - a personal perspective.

Having given a lot of thought to who we should celebrate on International women's day, it's always easy to fall back on women who have had a significant impact on world events, Catherine the Great, Rosa Parks, Mary Wollstonecraft, Ada Lovelace, Marie Stopes, Katharine Graham, Rosalind Franklin, and the list goes on.

Many of them often overlooked to the benefit of their male counterparts and even now only just starting to be recognised. However, it's the women who have had a direct impact upon me that I will be celebrating.

The biggest influence on me was from Margaret Betty Richardson (nee Torr), or 'Mum' as she was known to me. A one-woman dynamo that powered the family of my childhood, a working mum whose prodigious outpouring from her tiny kitchen fed an awful lot of people, family was everything to her and the scope of 'family' seemed to know few bounds.

I will be celebrating Jane, the amazing midwife and mother to my two sons, my best friend and partner for over 25 years, many say she deserves some form of honour for this last feat alone! Blessed with a pretty infallible moral compass, I suspect she has saved me from myself more times than either of us can recall.

The first woman I worked for as a direct report was Kate Fleming, someone who took my raw enthusiasm for marketing and really gave it focus. Always able to hold her own in the face of many male-dominated meetings, Kate left gender at the door and won more often than not based upon knowledge, logic and being able to discern the right path.

Most recently the two biggest influences on my life have been the latest recruits to join Vividink, Georgia and Scarlet. Two brighter and more determined young women I have yet to meet, their arrival at the company brought a fresh outlook on so many things and rekindling my love of all things marketing.

 5  Scarlet Bamforth West

Perhaps I am especially fortunate to have had these and so many other amazing women in my life, I would like to celebrate them all here, it's a long list.




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