Talking tents and picking pods.

Whether you're considering a glamping site as a bolt-on to your core business, or perhaps you've found a great spot for your dream back-to-nature venture, you'll need to figure out which glamping structure is going to work best for your goals.

You'll need to balance your choices against plenty of other factors like planning permission, cost, utility, visual appeal, site suitability and target market. And you'll have your personal preferences too - to create the look and feel you want to achieve.

Your choice of structure needs to suit the site - will it survive your normal, and unusual, weather conditions? Will it be warm enough during your coldest occupancy times? Is your site going to allow you to run electricity and water to your glampers, or will you be providing shared facilities?

What does your choice of structure say about the kind of guests you're aiming for? Glamping attracts a wide variety of guests, from couples looking for a secluded hideaway to bigger groups on stag and hen nights or families on activity holidays. You need to pick a structure and a style that's consistent with your brand, whether you want to create a small, boutique glamping site, cater to the corporate hospitality market or provide a nature experience.

Choose a structure whose function is going to complement your site. If you're offering stunning coastal views, then perhaps cabins or pods with plenty of glass are a better choice over yurts, gers or bell tents, where the view will be invisible from the inside.

Think about how you want your site to be used, and the density of your structures. Some glamping businesses will lay out their site like a suburban housing development, with neat rows of identical pods, while others will tuck their Shepherds Huts into well-spaced clearings in the woodland. Think about your guests' proximity to each other, and ask yourself whether that's going to be in line with their expectations, based on price, location and brand.

Your choice will make all the difference. Your glamping structures are the most visible and iconic feature of your whole venture and will sell the experience to potential guests. They will be your calling card, shown on your marketing material and literature, your website gallery and in the photos of guests sharing their glamping breaks online. Inside and out, they must reflect and amplify the glamping ambience you want to create.


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