Glamping over Camping

The rising popularity in wellness tourism has seen an increase in the number of travellers seeking to unwind and connect with nature, all while enjoying luxury amenities. Welcome to the glamping market; a glamorous niche that can cater for those seeking an escape from the daily grind, whilst also indulging in the comfort of electricity, a four-poster bed, a wood-fired hot tub and an authentic pizza oven. Would you rather glamp or camp?

Prior to covid19, the glamping market had sparked at interest for us at Vividink, half of the team who are happy with a pop-up tent, no mobile phones and a dog as companionship, whereas the other half consider hair straighteners, prosecco and hot-tubs as vital items for survival. The growth opportunities in this market, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic, where Brits are regaining a newfound love for holidaying in the UK, had fuelled the team’s desire, even more, to be immersed in the global glamping phenomenon, where the UK and Europe are considered world leaders in the business.

When we discovered The Glamping Show was taking place at the NAEC Stoneleigh we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for our social media team, Georgia and Scarlet, to scope out the market and get a feel for the portfolio of suppliers that operate in this sector. From conker-shaped pods and flat-pack boxes to Lord of the Ring style wooden forts, the exhibitors at the show certainly fired up our imagination, disrupting the classic stereotype structure that comes to mind when thinking of glamping.

Glamping has vastly evolved from the typical bell tent with a string of fairy lights and some bunting for decoration - a prospect many years ago that was considered the peak of luxury in the outdoor holiday accommodation market. People want something even more special, they want the experience and the aspirational Instagram pictures. There will always be the loyal breed of people that stay true to the classic camping roots and will not stray away from a tent pole and a disposable BBQ, however, the glamping niche is rapidly developing and expanding on the wow-factor, holding a unique product much closer to a boutique holiday than a polyester tent.

This is an exciting market to be involved in, after discovering the beautifully crafted pods, huts, structures and glamping accessories and speaking to the exhibitors at the show, we got a genuine feel for the prospect clients, understanding both their concerns and their ambitions. This is an area we will continue to explore, research and pursue, offering our 15 years of experience in PR and digital marketing services, to the travel experience that is glamping.


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