Your customers have got more important things to think about than you.

With nearly half the economy in a coma, it’s difficult to think about anything else, business-wise. The network effect has started making itself felt in reverse - it is becoming more difficult (more impossible) to do business because of a dwindling pool of suppliers and customers, a virtuous circle turned vicious.

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Mental Health Week 2020

Mental health and wellbeing have been stretched considerably during the current lockdown, the team here has looked at some ideas that have helped and brought their love of our industry together with the concept of adult colouring for relaxation.

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Insert key, turn, start

When a storm hits your business you have to focus on your core responsibilities of keeping the company afloat, looking after your staff and contacting your customers. Under normal circumstances, a lot of these functions occur automatically through the processes and responsibilities you have built up over the months and years. But in a crisis situation, where perhaps most of your staff are furloughed, and the remainder are working remotely or at distance, the normal patterns and pathways are broken.

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If you want to work with a pr company that specialises in the broader events market, one that has a broad skills base and understands live events, conferences and exhibitions, then please get in touch.