It was time for our annual visit to a golf course last week and that could only mean it was “In the Rough”, the event industry golf day organised by ESSA. This year it was held at the spectacular Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales on the 17 July. Despite the recent hot weather the course looked perfect from the balcony of the clubhouse.

We were filming the day and much of the footage was supplied to beMatrix, the headline sponsor. But we had enough to put together a mini-movie of the day. We included a lot of stills shot by one of our favourite event photographers – Hannah Ishted – which really made the video come alive, see below.

We spent most of the day with Hannah in her buggy chasing down the teams and making them do silly things for the camera, fortunately everyone was in very good spirits and joined in with the fun. The afternoon's golf moved into the evenings dinner and prize giving, complete with Mariachi Band. The whole event raised close to £10k for the two named charities Sparks and Marie Curie Cancer Care.


We headed back north towards the end of the evening and left the golfers' debating who was an was not a bandit!

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